Thursday, October 11, 2007

Falling Patron

About 10 minutes ago I heard a strange strangluated cry and a thud. Then I saw a Gref Librarian run past the Computer Center. It seems a patron had become light headed and passed out over at the entrance to reader's services. The cry had come from a woman standing next to him. Appearantly she thought she was being attacked by the man who was pitching forward.
A cluster of security guards appeared and then the ambulance driver arrived. the last time I looked, they were asking him how he felt.

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Kirsten said...

This probably shouldn't be funny, but for some reason I find it is. Maybe because I somehow always manage to be around when someone falls down. I once saw a woman fall complete out of her shoes. Don't ask me how that's possible, but when she landed, her shoes were sitting about a foot or so behind where she landed. Just like she'd decided to take the off and leve them there. I also tend to have that falling thing hapen to me too. So I can