Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michael Stephens Interview Done!

I've finished editing the 4th "Conversation" piece. I'm really liking how they are coming together as a collection. It was great to meet Michael Stephens and he had some very encouraging things to say about the future of librarianship. An all around nice guy/visionary.
Helen Bowers is visiting soon and hopefully Sean and I can get an interview with her next,

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Tara K said...

Michael used to work at my library (St. Joe County Public Library) when I first started working here. He was a lot of fun and very innovative. I think he pushed the library in the right direction technologically. You should check out the "Ray of Light" video Michael and some of the other trainers/tech guys made for the library's staff day several years ago. Just check out Ray of Light and St. Joe, you should be able to find it on Youtube. I remember when I first started here I saw that video and thought how much fun this place must be to work at.
-Tara Kenjockety