Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vimeo Review

Originally uploaded by Kay Graphic
I recently ran into a dilemma about a video clip I'd edited. The director had put a lot of work into making it look and sound great. When it came time to put the 19 minute piece up on the library's YouTube account, it looked and sounded terrible, all pixilated and tinny, bleh, plus it was a pain to compress it down below 100 megabytes. Don't get me wrong, YouTube is fine for shorts under 5 minutes because you don't have to worry about ultra compression. So, I thought I'd give Vimeo a try. A friend in the art scene had told me about it. He said that it was a cut above the YouTube scratchers and he was right. The site is well designed, the interface is clean and easy to use and there is a generous weekly limit of 500MG. It makes a Quicktime download of the clip available right there on the page, as a link, amazing! Gone is the clutter of ads that plagues YouTube's home pages. The page design is blog-like and sports an intuitive interface. Snappy drop downs keep the site looking spare but organized. What can I say? I'm a complete sucker for rounded corners. Any way, check it out for yourself.


Ian said...

You know, I think this kind of review/link to ACPL materials would go well on the acplinfo blog - maybe edited to about 2/3 this length (and possibly with a paragraph break ;-). Or even just posting the link to the Tecumseh video. Check the email from Lynn for the username/password!

Mary Alice Ball said...

So, is this your Blog#1 for S554? I think so... I have not tried Vimeo but your report jives with everything else I have heard about it. I did check it out and it looks enticing.