Friday, February 29, 2008

Exercise is Torture (s544#7)

The phrase "Exercise in tedium" is redundant. I hate exercising. I've done it 3-4 times a week for the last million years and everytime it sucks. Every day I have the same conversation with myself that involves whining and cajoling and bribes. Luckily I have learned to distract my inner 3 year old with pretty, colorful magazines and an ipod shuffle. I prefer to use the elipsoidal because I don't have to use a second of brain power to pay attention to where I am going or what I am doing. Even still, I find that as the end of the preprogrammed routine gets closer, the more I have to bargin with myself, "Micro-goaling" is what the experts call it. The dialog goes like this:
Me: "Bah! This is boring, let's go eat cookies"
Me: "Come on, you're at 27:00, let's go to 28:00, then if you want to stop we will.
Me: "Does it really matter if we quit 3 minutes early?"
Me "Yes, remember that quitters wind up miserable and alone, penniless and unloved by all."
Me: "Geez, ok, we are at 28:30 now can we quit?"
Me: "Look, just another half song and we will be done, and riteous because we reached our goal."
Me: "You are seriously no fun."
Anyway, tangent aside, I feel like working on a widely scoped project needs to be micro-goaled. If I look at a project like the Wiki as a whole, I start to freak out and demand cookies. If I break it down to pieces and trust my team mates implicitly, I spend less time trying to fit my brain around the task and more time being creative.


Heidi said...

Really? I'm sorry to hear that. I have occasional days when I'm unmotivated but most of the time I show up at the Y thinking "O.K., I'm ready for my endorphins!" Of course I need to run on the treadmill for a while to get them, but afterwards I feel a lot better.

MrsSnowQueen said...

I completely relate. I can make an excuse everyday why I can't exercise today. Then I have to remind myself, you're 10 lbs from your goal, now 9, come on we're close to 8 lbs from your goal. It's the same thing with avoiding fast food and sweets. I have the same internal dialog.