Monday, April 21, 2008

Retrospect Part I (slis544#12)

The project I've been working on for my first ever class in the bid for a Master's of Library Science is nearly complete. It's been a learning experience. And that's what I paid for. Building a wiki was a multi-stage process that was fraught with the kind of unknown quantities that drive me absolutely nuts. Even so, there was always a little core deep inside that told me not to worry too hard. I would catch myself tossing and turning, compulsing about some detail or element that needed attention, and I'd have to say to myself "Stop it! Put that DOWN!" much in the way that you would to a toddler that has something in his/her mouth. I have a very active inner child. I have to discipline it sometimes. Last week I caught it stealing money from my purse.

Making the training videos was a challenge but I learned so much about how to stream line the process of editing. I used iShowU and was tweaking the capture settings through the whole process. What I settled on was recording on a high setting and adjusting the point of interest for each step rather than re recording a separate close up. I'm loving Final Cut Pro. This project finally prompted me to add more RAM to my home computer because video is a tall order. So, there you have it. More Retrospect to follow...


redhead4books said...


Those you are a child at heart can appreciate the humor and the fun aspects of technology! I think that your enthusiasm for audio & photography shines through in what you’ve contributed to the wiki. I also know that writing and recording individual scripts was only one step in producing training materials. I appreciate the time you took with the editing.

Thanks again, Kay, for sharing your strengths with our team.

Mary Alice Ball said...

You need to watch out for the inner child when she starts stealing from your purse. Definitely bad behavior!