Thursday, May 6, 2010

Library Camp Graphic

Here are a couple of graphics that I whipped up for this year's library camp at the Allen County Public Library on September 23rd. The Wolf one won.

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Susan Mellott said...

I like the first one :) but I do like the wolf one too. Would you consider putting your designs in a store like printfection or submitting them to Threadless? They are too good, I think, to have such a short life. I know other people would enjoy them as much as I do. Last years t-shirt was priceless, as was the year's before (and all the other things you do).

I am serious, I think it would be really great if you put them up in an internet store. Or another thought is that Threadless takes ideas and if they like it, they buy it and put it on their site (or something like that). Here is a link to their page for submitting a design to them. You would rock this! (and you could win $2500!)